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Storms can be pretty devastating for any town or city. Trees are the most affected thing during a storm besides human structure.
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Fallen trees, broken branches, twigs, scattered leaves can be all over your property after a heavy storm. The mess storm leaves can be ugly and obstructive. Trees might block roads, driveways, nergryways, they might fall on powerlines, on your house or fence. It can be difficult to start restoration work of man-made structures without removing trees and the mess left after the storm. Prime Tree Service has been providing storm cleanup services for the people of Texarkana and surrounding areas for more than thirty years. We have seen big and small storms across the area and helped commercial and residential property with cleanup.

Removing Fallen Trees

One of the most common occurrences after storms is fallen trees. Trees can be uprooted from the ground or broken from the stem. Such trees are difficult to manage. You can just take your house axe on it and except to remove it yourself. You might end up pulling a muscle or hiring yourself in the process. Also, without proper equipment removing trees is quite stupid. Prime Tree Service has all the necessary equipment and expertise to remove fallen and damaged trees during a storm. We can cut the tree truck and braces into small pieces and transport them from the roads and open up blockages.

Removing Mess After Storm

Small branches, twigs, fallen leaves can dirty up the yard or commercial property. If you need a clean property calling a team that can clean the mess and take away the mess with them, is needed. Our company will clean all those small and big fallen branches from your property leaving it clean, taking away the twigs and branches with us.

Emergency Storm Cleanup

When you have a tree that needs immediate removal because they are dangerous to the people around, it is best to call for a professional. Our team answers immediately after a storm and if you have a situation where you need quick tree removal, we will be at your service. Our team consists of special arborists, tree cutters, and machine handles such as cranes, chainsaws and grinders. We are highly equipped and knowledgeable at taking care of any kind of storm clean situation.

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Why Hire A Professional To Clean After A Storm When You Can Do It Yourself?

If you think you can clean all the mess left after storm, we would suggest you think again. Removing fallen trees, cutting half broken trees, getting rid of branches and twigs, opening up obstructive paths by fallen trees is not an easy feat. You need to have heavy machinery to handle such a situation, you need to be able to operate chainsaws and cranes to be able to remove fallen trees. When you hire a professional you minimise injuries and damages on yours property. Our clean up teams are fast, courteous and inexpensive. No need to fear if the hundreds of trees and litter in your landscape can be eliminated. Our expert professionals know how to get a smooth, polished look back on your house.

When you have faced extensive damage after a storm. It has caused trees to fall on your yard, on structures sucas fences, roofs and power lines. You need a company that will give you quick and effective cleanup service. Prime Tree Service is dedicated to providing you the cleanup service you deserve. We make sure you get value for money. We are a team of highly professional and ethical companies that price their rates fairly and work with all seriousness.


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