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When you have removed a tree, there is no use of a stump, in most cases. Stumps are awkward things that stand in the middle of the property hindering you from using the land completely.
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 It can’t just be plucked out of the ground without making a big hole in your yard. In summary, there are very few options you have when it comes to removing the stump. Prime Tree Service removes stumps by stump grinding process. For a complete and safe tree removal, it should always end with proper tree grinding. Once the stump is grinded down you will be able to use the land freely. If you have a stump in the middle of your yard, it can be hazardous for small kinds who are always running around and bumping into things. It may hinder you from mowing your lawn and using it to make arbours or sheds. Stumps that are left out may cause pests infestation in your yard, most noticeably ants. The roots often continue to grow when the stump is left out and if the roots were a problem from the beginning, it will fail the purpose or remove a tree. Most importantly stumps aren’t pretty. They are an eye sore when you are looking at your yard.

Prime Tree Service has some of the best equipment such as angle grinders and tree grinders to grind the tree stump. So what exactly is tree grinding? Removing is grinding a stump down on the ground so the natural process of rotting will remove the rest of the tree quickly. It is like shaving the tree stump to one inch below the ground or more. Grinding is usually selected by most homeowners as it is faster and cheaper. It is much more cost effective than removing the whole stump. Since the tre stomach has most if it’s aort underground in the form of roots that go meters into the ground, removing the stump would mean digging hole in your yard. Grinding is much easier and reasonable. A grinded stump will decade fast and give you accessible flat land to do other work. The stump grinding also ensures the absence of pests in your house such as termites, ants, bees, snakes and other pests. Moreover, stumping needs less pressure on the landscaping instead of stump removement.

Prime Tree Service uses high-tech, professional stump grinder machines for grinding the stump at your property. Our tree company mechanically grinds the whole tree stump so it doesn’t give you trouble. A stump grinder is a heavy machine that only a well-trained and experienced tree removal service specialist should operate. The unit consists of a gasoline engine and a steel wheel and a hydraulically-controlled neck. At the end of the arm is the cutting wheel with extremely sharp steel teeth. The wheel spins at a high speed so that the tree stump can be cut and grinded.

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Many homeowners choose to let the stump degrade on it’s own. This process is long and comes with years of obstructive area taken up by the stump. Many times stumps may start to grow new branches and stems. Termites might infect the stump and the rotting process can take decades. When you get grinding done right with removal, you save on a lot of money. Our company proves an affordable solution to remove stumps for your property. Choose are companies that believe in customer satisfaction and building a brand that is ethical and fairly priced. We are dedicated to our clients and promise you quality service each time. Call us for more enquiry or schedule a visit to your property for a free estimate.


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