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Are you looking to remove trees for your property? Prime Tree Service provides professional tree removal at an affordable price. We have highly skilled tree removing trees that know how to safely remove trees without putting any one’s life in danger.
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No matter the size of tree or the location, with our various equipment and years of knowledge we can remove trees from the most tricky places. We have experience in removing trees that are too close to your house, trees forma busy sidewalk, trees in constricted places where accessibility is difficult. We have handled all kinds of situations and excelled in it. There is no job we have refused and we promise you a perfect job each time. Our effective and professional tree removal makes us one of the most reputed tree removal companies in Texarkana TX. We also operate in Douglassville, Hooks, Maud, New Boston, Redwater and surrounding areas.

Why Do You Need To Remove Trees?

When Tree Start Being Obstructive

Trees can be obstructive in many ways. When trees are growing towards your house and breaking the roof, your window or any other building structures. The roots may be interfering with the pipelines or sewer system when you have Trees that destroy your property and cause harm to it, it is best to remove the trees.

When The Trees Cause Safety Concerns

Trees that are dead can be quite dangerous to the people around. Dead trees are slowly drying from the inside, they don’t have as much of a grip on the grund and can fall at any moment. Trees can be a safety concern if they are growing into power lines, sewer lines and foundation. Trees damaged during storms can fall at any time.

Trees That Can Affect Other Trees

If the tree in your yard is diseased it can infect other trees as well. Verticillium wilt is one such example. The fungus can quickly spread from one tree to another and if the tree is small, it can destroy it’s growth and fruiting capacity. If you are not sure whether it is best to remove the tree or let it be, call our arborists. Our arborists have extensive knowledge of all kinds of tree diseases and they can help you determine whether the tree needs to be removed or pesticide can help it.

Miscellaneous Reasons

There can be various reasons to remove trees. When you have a tree that is taking up space that you need to use some kind of construction, for example to build a shed, you might need to remove the tree. If you need to install fences at a place where there is a tree, you might need removal. Trees that are shedding leaves and fruits that dirty up your porch and shade your flower bed, can be removed.

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Why Hire Us?

We have more than thirty years of experience in removing trees. If you need professional removal of any kind of tree, Prime Tree Service can help. Our tree removal team has cranes and powerful saw machines that can cut trees without any issue. We can use mechanical lift to cut tall trees in section so no damage is done to the surrounding property. We will do a proper planning, evacuate the surrounding only then proceed with tree felling. We take necessary permits before removing a tree if it needs a permit. We are bonded so in case of any property damage, we can reimburse you to the fullest. Get a free estimate for tree removal without any obligation. Call us for quality tree removal that you can rely on.


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